Sign Up

Easy signup for "Membership" on the Website or on the Mobile App Instacar4u available on


  1. Fill in the "Membership form" on the Signup page.
  2. Upload supporting documents in the form itself or email them later to us at
  3. Within 24 hours of receipt of documents, we will verify your documents and "Confirm" your membership through email

  1. Topup your account through Credit or Debit Card
  2. Amount to be equal to the Security deposit + Rental amount (Details in the Pricing and Features page)
  3. After Topup, just go to the Reservation page, select your preferred location, car and duration of reservation
  4. Follow through the steps and "Submit" your reservation request


  1. Our team allocates cars for each submitted reservations, which is notified to the member on the registered Email, SMS & in special cases, through a phone call 
  2. Reservations details are also available in the Membership account in the "Access" page
  3. In case you want to modify or cancel a reservation, you may use the "EDIT" button to do so

Please note Modification Or Cancellation

Of Daily, Weekly or Monthly Reservations :

  • Are subject to extra charges and availability of vehicle

Of Hourly Reservations :

  • Modification is free if done in advance of 4 hours from the Start time to a future date and time not exceeding 3 days from the original booking
  • Any modification having less time than 4 hours are subject to additional charge of 50 AED
  • No reimbursement of Fare charged for Cancellation of any reservations



  1. 10 minutes before start of your reservation the booking will become "Active" on the Access page
  2. You can use the navigate button to locate the parking and the Car
  3. Go to the "Drive" page on the App and
    1. Press START button to start your reservation
    2. Press UNLOCK button to open the door
  4. DO NOT FORGET to check the dents and damages on the exterior
  5. You may use the "Report" button to upload pics of dent and damages through app
  6. You will Unlocked, you will find the Car Keys in the Glove box in the magnetic "Key Holder"
  7. Use the "Keys" normally to "drive", "lock" and "unlocking" the car

Start the car and drive away!


  1. Extend your reservation by selecting "Extend" button on the "Drive" page and follow the steps


For Daily/Weekly or Monthly Reservation: Return the Car at the original Parking spot

For Hourly Reservation : You can return the car at the original spot you picked it up from or opt for a one way drive at an additional charge.

Original Location - You are supposed to return the car to the place you picked it up from within your confirmed reservation time

One Way Drive - You can return the car at any of our other existing Instacar parking locations at a minimal charge of AED 20 or at any other location at an additional charge of AED 50.

Please call us at 04-3218995 and inform us beforehand if you wish to use One Way Drive.

Please note: Returning the car late will result in a penalty. If you are getting late we strongly recommend that you extend your reservation for 30 mins provided the car is available.Remember the next member needs the car on time!

While returning the car please making sure that the petrol level is above a quarter tank and the car is in a neat & clean condition. Remember this is your fleet of cars to use again so lets keep our cars clean!


Before ending the reservation

  1. Check for dents and damages on your car
  2. If you find anything additional to previously reported
  3. Then use the "Report" button to upload the same
  4. Return the Keys to the magnetic "Key holder" in the Glove Box 
  5. End the Reservation by selecting "END" on your App, ensure that the Doors are locked


For Daily, Weekly and Monthly reservations :

  1. The car will be provided with Full tank fuel.
  2. Customer is expected to return it at the same level.
  3. For a tank level less than original, there are additional charges. Refer Pricing & Features for the latest applicable rates.

For Hourly reservation :

  1. Fuel is included in the Fare
  2. You will not have to pay for the petrol to drive an Instacar
  3. If the fuel level is low, then please drive to any of the EPPCO or ENOC petrol stations and avail the ViP facility to get the tank filled to its full level

Please note;There is a penalty for not filling up the fuel if it has dropped to 1/4 tank or below!On the drive page you may click the navigate option and then click the petrol option on the map to find nearest petrol pumps to guide you to nearest pump.