Instacar Membership

What are the eligibility requirements to join Instacar ?

In order to join Instacar you must:

  • Be at least 21 years old, have a valid driving license for at least 1 year, a credit card and a mobile phone

  • Have no more than 6 penalty points on your driving license

  • If under 30 years of age have no more than 4 penalty points on your driving license

  • Have had no major violations in the past 2 years

In addition to the requirements above, Instacar reserves the right to decline membership based on driving history or credit issues.

How do I join Instacar ?

Joining Instacar is simple and quick.

  • Sign up online here (it only takes a few minutes)

  • Submit all documentation as requested

  • Top up your account

  • Download our app and get driving.

How much time will it take to become an Instacar member ?

After completing the online registration process within 24 hours we will verify your driving license and documents. Once the information has been verified, you will receive a confirmation email of your membership.

We'll keep you posted by email about the status of your application. Rest assured, our goal is to process your application as fast as possible.

When can I start driving ?

As soon as you receive your membership confirmation and you have topped up your account with credit to reserve a car.

How much does the membership cost ?

Nothing! It is free to join Instacar!

Do I need to make a deposit to start driving ?

Depending on the duration of your reservation, we may require a deposit.

Can I get a refund on my unused account balance ?

Yes, you may request for a refund on any funds you have topped up when you close your account. Promotional credit cannot be encashed or transferred.

Please note it can take up to 3-4 weeks for the refund to reflect on your credit card account.

How do I cancel my membership ?

We're sad to see you leave.

Please call us on 800-INSTA (46782) to cancel your membership.

Reserving an Instacar

How do I reserve an Instacar ?

Once you are a confirmed member and have topped up your membership account through our payment gateway you can simply use our Website or Mobile App to make a reservation.

Through your membership account credit with Instacar you will be able to make or amend any reservations.

You can also call 800-INSTA (46782) and we can guide you through the reservation process.

For how long can I reserve an Instacar ?

You can reserve an Instacar from 24 hours and above.

Is mileage included in my trips ?

Yes, mileage is included up to 40 km per hour for Hourly bookings, however, for long terms bookings more than 24 hours fuel is on you.  For additional pricing, please refer to our Pricing and Features page.

What is the cancellation/modification policy ?


  • You can cancel your reservation up to 4 hours before your reservation without any charges.

  • If you cancel a reservation 1-4 hours in advance of the reservation time, then you will be refunded 50% of your reservation fee.

  • If you cancel a reservation within 1 hour of your reservation time you will not receive a refund.


  • You can modify your reservation up to 1 hour before your start time

  • You cannot cancel a modified reservation. Pease call one of our Customer Service Representative on 800-INSTA (46782)

Note; There is a 15-minute grace period after you reserve your car during which you can make any changes without incurring a charge.

Instacar Vehicles

What type of cars are available at Instacar ?

We are offering brand new hatchbacks and sedans.

We are constantly adding cars to our fleet and will keep you informed of these additions.

Look out for new Instacars around you!


How do I get in the car ?

Everything is at your fingertips! Once you have approached your reserved Instacar, you can access your vehicle with our Mobile App or SMS system (based on your selected preference during signup). Just log in to the mobile app and access your current reservation or as an SMS user reply with the instructions given.

For further information please see the How it Works section.

Our Mobile app is currently available for your iPhone® or Android™ and we will be adding to more platforms shortly. If you have a preference for another platform to be added, please write to us at

Where are the car keys ?

The key is located in the dedicated keyholder in the glove box of your Instacar. Just make sure to return it to the keyholder at the end of your reservation.

Can I take the car early ?

If there's no reservation immediately before yours, you can take the car up to 5 minutes early at no extra charge.

If you can't unlock the car early, that means the car may still be reserved by the previous member. Simply wait until your reservation start time and try again.

What if the car is low on fuel ?

Your Instacar should have more then a 1/4 tank of fuel when you arrive. If there's a problem please call us on 800-INSTA (46782).

What if the car is damaged ?

Before you drive off, be sure to take a few minutes to do a thorough walk-around to see if there are any dents, scratches or other damage. Check the inside as well.

If you find any problems, please take pictures of the damage with your phone and upload them though our mobile app and give us a call on our toll-free number 800-INSTA(46782).

You don't want to be held responsible for damage you didn't cause, so please don't forget to check at the start of every reservation.

Can I extend my reservation ?

You can extend using the iPhone® or Android™ app , or mobile website (provided that another member does not have a reservation immediately after yours).

For any further assistance you can call us on 800-INSTA(46782).

Can I drive on roads with Salik toll gates ?

Yes. All our cars are included with Salik toll tags. All toll charges incurred during your reservation will be deducted automatically from your account credit balance. Additionally, anyone found tampering with the Salik tag will be charged a penalty.

Please note that it can take a couple of days for the charges to come in, so you will be sent an invoice separately.

Can someone else drive an Instacar during my reservation ?

No, you are the only one allowed to drive during your reservation. Allowing third parties or unauthorized users to drive your Instacar is a violation of the Terms and Conditions.

If you allow a non-member to drive during your reservation, you will be fined and will be responsible for repairs if damage occurs to the car while they're driving, as non-members are not covered by our insurance.

Can I take my pet in an Instacar ?

Yes, however you may bring pets only if they remain in a pet carrier at all times. Pets are not allowed without a pet carrier. Please help us ensure that your car is clean for the next member.

Can I smoke in an Instacar ?

No, smoking is not allowed at any time.

If any member or their passengers are found to be smoking, you will be charged for the cost of cleaning the car and to make it completely smoke free.

What if I get a fine during my reservation ?

You are responsible for fines and tickets. If we receive a notice and process a fine, you will be charged a processing fee in addition to the original cost of the fine.

Please report any fines. Call us right away on 800-INSTA (46782) or email and let us know that you received a fine. We want to know the date and time the fine was issued, the license plate of the vehicle, the type of violation and the ticket number.

What if I’m in an accident ?

Don’t panic and follow these steps:

  1. Call the Police on 999 to report the accident. Inform them of the situation and if there are any injuries or damage either vehicles. Make sure to collect the Police Report. If the police does not arrive at the scene,then follow their instructions and make sure to take photos of the damage and the accident scene prior to moving the vehicles.

  2. Take note of the other drivers details, vehicle number and mobile number.

  3. Call us on 800-INSTA (46782) to tell us about the accident.

  4. You must email us the relevant documents as soon as possible to

If you have any questions you can always email

What if I find or forget something in my Instacar ?

If you find an item in your Instacar, please place it in the glove box or boot and give us a call on 800-INSTA(46782) to give us the article details.

If you've left something in your Instacar, please give us a call right away on 800-INSTA (46782) and give us a description of the item. We’ll help you find the item as soon as possible.

Can I use a valet service during my reservation ?

Yes you may use a valet service at your own expense.

Do I have roadside assistance ?

Yes, your Instacar membership includes Roadside Assistance 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Just call us on 800-INSTA (46782) and we will take care of the rest.

Returning the Vehicle

Do I have to return the Instacar to the same place I picked it up from ?

Yes. You will have to return the car to its original parking place within your reservation time.

What do I do when I am finished using my Instacar ?

After returning the car to its original parking location, please ensure you collect all your belongings from the car. Place the key back in the key holder and exit the car.

Once you are out of the car ;

Mobile App User: Click the "Lock" button and then "End" button to lock the car and end your reservation

SMS User: Reply to your original sms with an "E" to both lock your car and end your reservation.

What if my parking location is taken or blocked ?

Call us at 800 INSTA (46782) and we shall guide you to find a parking nearby.

What if I return my Instacar late ?

If you return your car later than the reserved time, penalty charges will be levied as per our policies.

(Please note; If you are getting late we strongly recommend that you extend your reservation for 30 mins provided the car is available)

What if I return my Instacar low on fuel or dirty ?

You must take care to ensure that the cars have at least ¼ tank of fuel and that the cars are not damaged or dirty in any way. Remember that the next member who uses the car will expect to find it in a clean condition and ready to go.

Any member not found following these rules may be fined as per our policies.

Instacar Account

When will I receive my reservation invoice ?

Your invoice will be available on your account within 24 hours. Please note some charges such as Salik charges or fines may show up after that. We’ll send you an notification as soon as any additional charges are posted to your account.

What if I lose my mobile phone, or change my mobile number ?

If you have lost your mobile phone you may call us immediately at 800-INSTA (46782) and we will update your account with your new number.

If you have simply changed your mobile number you can also update this on your my account page.

When will I be charged for reserving a vehicle ?

Your reservation amount will be deducted from your account balance as soon your reservation is confirmed.